BILDIT CMS for e-commerce and retail
The Only Mobile App CMS Built for Marketing Teams

The only cross-channel CMS that gives marketing teams full control. Manage web and mobile app content in BILDIT CMS with React code-as-content snippets, without deployment delays or reliance on IT teams.

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Mobile app
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Push notifications
This image depicts a collage of multiple screenshots showcasing a fashion e-commerce platform. The upper left corner shows a desktop app interface with a menu bar on the left, displaying categories such as 'Home', 'Screens', 'Components', and highlighted 'E-commerce'. The main part of this screen shows a product management page with listings for women's dresses, with titles and prices. The lower left part shows a website's promotional section, with a banner that reads
Belk's Results After Switching to BILDIT CMS and Mobile App
YoY revenue increase over 6 years
CVR Lift
AOV Lift
See how marketing teams use BILDIT to launch cross-platform campaigns that drive revenue
Build anything you want.Without IT.
No coding experience required.

BILDIT CMS was developed for e-commerce marketing teams that want to deliver personalized, targeted campaigns across all channels.

This solution was born out of frustration with a lack of viable solutions to create targeted, engaging campaigns for both web and mobile.

Having to wait for weeks to launch on mobile or to settle for out-of-the-box, generic solutions means losing out on revenue growth opportunities.

But what if you didn't have to?

This is why we have developed BILDIT CMS.

Now you can launch whatever you want. However you want. Whenever you want. On web and mobile.

Launch more, launch faster
Line up your next campaigns in hours, not weeks, with the e-commerce CMS platform that helps marketing teams create unified cross-channel content experiences
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Easy cross-channel content management
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Complete control over campaigns
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Advanced mobile app capabilities
Manage content for web and mobile. In a single e-commerce CMS.
Create, edit and store your content. Automatically update and archive campaigns. Simplify your review process
Store, edit and publish content across channels from a single database
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Rapidly update your published content with multi-user access and modular editing
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Streamline approval and deployment right inside the CMS
This image shows a computer screen and a smartphone screen displaying an e-commerce platform for women's dresses. On the computer, there's an administrative interface with a sidebar menu and a main area featuring images of dresses with placeholder text for product titles and prices. The smartphone displays a shopping app with a list of dresses, showing images, names, and prices, and navigation tabs at the bottom.
Launch the way you want. Without developers.
Build, schedule, launch and update revenue-driving campaigns across multiple channels.
Rapidly launch on-brand, consistent campaigns with code-as-content snippets
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Manage multiple campaigns and schedule them in advance for seamless rollout
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Build sophisticated cross-channel campaigns and optimize them with built-in A/B testing
The image displays two smartphones side by side, one with an Android logo and the other with an Apple logo, each screen showing a different layout of the same e-commerce app named BILDIT. The Android phone on the left displays a pink-themed promotion for
More control over your mobile app.
More conversions with personalization.
Build out advanced content types, from videos to filtered product displays. Deliver right content to right users at the right time with personalization and advanced targeting.
Create unique experiences by managing product and category display on web and mobile
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Add custom links to display banners on specific product or search result pages
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Set up conditional product display with e-commerce platform integrations
This image shows two smartphones displaying different parts of a fashion e-commerce application. The left phone displays a product detail page for a 'Dope Orange Mini Dress' priced at $120.00, with options to select color and size. The right phone shows a promotional banner with the text
Sophisticated content
for web and mobile, effortlessly

One CMS platform. Endless possibilities to create stunning images, banners, recommendations, animations and customized display configurations.

Integrated with the top eCommerce Platforms