Retail Dive: 2023 BILDIT Annual Mobile App Index Reveals Top Five Mobile Commerce Retailers




BILDIT, the leading mobile app development platform for retail and brand ecommerce, announced today the release of its Annual Mobile App Checkout Index, which ranked Belk, Torrid, Sally Beauty Supply, Sephora, and Madewell among the top five, based on criteria that support excellent user experience in checkout. Other retailers that ranked highly included Bed Bath & Beyond, Macys, JCPenney, and Ulta.

BILDIT’s Annual Mobile App Checkout Index grades mobile apps from leading retailers, using nine categories: performance, navigation, payments, third party payments (like Apple Pay and PayPal), pricing, error messaging, design, guest experience and addresses. The Index is comprised of research into 50+ mobile app data points, conducted by industry-leading experts using both iOS and Android, to determine how well top ecommerce companies implement mobile commerce for their customers.

“We know from Amazon that a mere 100 millisecond of latency while on a retail mobile app costs 1% in sales. Yet, many brands still have no mobile app or have an app that doesn’t actually support ecommerce,” notes BILDIT CEO and Co-Founder Matt Hudson. “Retailers can drive a 25% increase in conversions by creating an immersive and personalized native mobile ecommerce app experience. What our Index does is highlight the reasons why the top retailers rank highest in mobile commerce.”

According to Shopify’s Mobile Commerce Report 21% of device users access retail shopping apps multiple times a day, and 35% access them multiple times a week.  With an uplift in conversion this can lead to millions of dollars in revenue left on the table for large eCommerce sites. ‘

“Every company looks for new ways to provide value and increase revenue, and a mobile app has the unique advantage of being its own marketing and shopping experience channel that practically lives in a consumer’s pocket or pocketbook,” says Ryan Terry, CRO and Co-founder of BILDIT. “Companies that aren’t ranked among the top in the Mobile App Checkout Index can easily review every data point we use, so they can see both the strengths and the weaknesses our experts identified. They should exploit these findings to improve their mobile commerce experience and increase conversions.”

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