We built the app—now how do we incentivize downloads?

Back in November, McDonald’s celebrated 50 years of the egg McMuffin by dropping the price of the quintessential breakfast sandwich to the original 63 cents. The only catch? The offer was available exclusively via the McDonald’s app.


With app revenue increasing by a whopping 19.7% in 2021, McDonald’s has good reason to incentivize app

downloads. As more retailers dip into the mobile app space, they are left with the question of how to not only create a great app, but to also make sure that people are downloading it.

Let’s examine how companies can incentivize app downloads––and keep the app downloaded.

Funnel your loyalists into your app

Chances are, you already have a warm consumer base at your fingertips via your email lists and social channels. You can make it easy for them to make the choice to download by including links to your app in emails and giving consumers a swipe-up option on social channels.

If a user is already interacting with your content on their mobile device, they're a prime candidate for a mobile app download.

Mobile apps lead to 3x more conversions than mobile browsers. It’s clear that consumers want content to be not just available on their mobile device,but easy-to-use. An app increases conversions because it makes shopping easier.



McDonald’s is not the only company that recognizes the power of a great rewards program to incentivize app downloads. Chipotle offers surprise free guac with app downloads.

By creating something exclusive for app adopters, companies create buzz. Choosing a relevant, fun, and unique reward makes the process exciting.


Tracking options

Another customer benefit to app downloads is being able to track your order on mobile. Dominoes for example, famously offers a pizza tracker.

Creating and publicizing the implementation of a delivery tracking system is a great way to get customers on your mobile app.


Make the icon appealing


Never underestimate the power of a strong visual. From iconic app logos like Instagram and snapchat to Mcdonald’s ubiquitous golden arches and Google’s unmistakeable “G,” symbols build brand recognition and consumer trust.

Your app logo offers an opportunity for your platform to create a unified front. Because an app icon is relatively small, it should be simple and eye-catching.


Build something beautiful

Maintaining users requires an app that is intuitive and easy-to-use. If you don’t keep a user engaged, they will quickly delete your app to free up storage. To stay on the home screen, your app needs to be engaging and user-friendly.

You can read more about some of the most important features in a mobile app here and here. Once an app has a loyal consumer base, those users are likely to recommend the app to others. By simply creating an excellent platform, you incentivize downloads.

With global app spending expected to surpass $58 billion in 2022, it is important now more than ever that retailers consider the importance of app in their ecommerce plan.

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[images by Alexander Shatov and Charles Deluvio]

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